So, as most of you will know, I’ve been training to be a radio presenter. And yesterday, I went live for the first time (if you want to listen to the show, it will end up on Mixcloud… eventually)!

And remarkably, it went really well! However, I did screw up a few times, and here’s how:

  • I didn’t check my music – it’s the presenter’s responsibility to make sure the music is usable, and due to not having the time to check, I ended up playing two extremely quiet songs! But, in the long run, I now know how to turn music up without interacting with the program.
  • I used the wrong slider – around 10 minutes into the show, there was a two-second silence, followed by the contact details drop, that silence shouldn’t have been there – I actually spoke during that silence but the problem is – I used the wrong slider. By slider, I mean the microphone control, I used the telephone slider instead by accident which lead to the silence instead of my voice. The lucky thing is, I now know that we have a telephone slider!
  • I stuttered like a b*tch – while talking, I sounded quite nervous and really stuttery. However, the more I get used to being on the radio, the calmer I’ll be hopefully.

So, between learning and having my debut on 5 Towns Radio yesterday, I think I’m doing pretty good!

I don’t know when I’m going to be on, on a permanent basis. But when I will be on, I’ll let you know through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Take care, everyone 🙂