I love changing the way I look in non-permanent fashions – by that, I mean I like screwing with my hair.

I recently got my hair cut, and I’m not talking about a simple restyle…….

I got 20cm (8 inches) cut off, I was left with most of my head shaved and a flop of hair on the top of my head. I then dyed it turquoise and pink (it would have just been turquoise if the dye hadn’t been so pastey that we couldn’t spread it anywhere), I was then stuck with that hair cut and colours for a month.

And then, yesterday, I went to get my hair recoloured and decided I needed a trim. By trim, I mean that I got another 5cm (2 inches) cut off. This meant that I went from a blade 8ish, to a blade 4. I also got the chunk of hair on the top of my head lobbed off, leaving it pretty short.

I then had to decide on a colour – this is where the review comes into play.

I had three options, these dyes are ones I purchased for my hairdresser to use, I have used them previously and love them. And the dyes I had to choose from were:

Now, I don’t often go for stray from Pink, so everyone thought I was going to go Pink. And I must admit, it was tempting. However, I actually didn’t.

For the first time in two years, I dyed my hair orange. However, in comparison to the previous orange dye I used (which was the Fiery Orange by Live XXL), this colour is Ultra Bright! This is literally the best orange colour I have ever used.


Tangerine Dream
Don’t let the colour of the liquid fool you! This is the brightest, and best tone, of orange I have ever found!


So, here is my verdict:


  • The dye is creamy and like a condition meaning a small amount will cover a lot of hair.
  • The promised colour is true if you use the dye correctly.
  • The colour is vibrant and powerful and seems to last a while – it lasts even longer when you use their “Forever” shampoo and conditioner.
  • It’s easy to find in stores because you just have to go to Boots – they’re the only store that sells Bleach London.
  • They’re cheap in comparison – You will have to pay £6 for a bottle of Bleach London, no matter the colour. However, the dye can be open for 12 months, and due to its conditioner-like consistency, you only actually need a little of it to do a lot of hair. With my short hair, I only used half a bottle! So, £6 for a full head of super long hair, is a lot better than the £10-£12 that you’d have to spend buying bright colours from alternative brands.
  • It’s designed for bleached hair! It makes your hair go super soft, in comparison to come dyes that will make your hair go like chewing gum!


  • Although the cost is cheap in the long run, to get started you’re going to have to pay around £20 for all the accessories you’ll need – including dyes, shampoos, and conditioners. If Boots could do a “starter pack” so you can buy a dye, the shampoo and conditioner for £15 or less, that would be great!
  • The last of the dye is somewhat unknown – it says on the bottle that it lasts for 2-10 washes but according to some of my sources, as well as my own hair, the dye can even withstand bleach! When I bleached my hair yesterday, some of the previous pink had survived! It’s magical!
  • The smell of the dye will make you hungry – I don’t really think this is much of a con, but it did make a friend of mine curious to what the dye would taste like… (Do not eat it, it is not a food product.)
  • It takes to different hair differently – this is obvious, because let’s be honest – this happens with every dye. However, the promise on the bottom says it will work on light blonde hair, which it can and does for some people… It’s also been known to work on brown hair. But that promise, shouldn’t be on there because it doesn’t work most of the time. For best results, I recommend bleaching your hair. You can get soft bleaches that won’t damage skin (I have scars all over my scalp due to my sun allergy and being a frequent visitor to A&E), but bleach will help with it! Blonde, not so much.

And that’s that! I will probably stick to the brand from now on, I’m hoping to test out some of their pastel colours shortly. I will keep you updated on that. But honestly, if you’re looking to dye your hair orange and you want it shockingly bright; buy Tangerine Dream by Bleach London – you won’t regret it!