A Farmer & His Horses

Hey, everyone!

Aside from a recipe I submitted weeks ago, I don’t think I’ve done any other blog posts. My articles in whichever magazine they’re in (Quick Fix and Butterfly Pride) don’t count, lol. So today, I decided on putting up a graphic with one of my poems on it which you can see above. The poem ‘A Farmer & His Horses‘ is one of the very first poems I wrote that’s suitable for public viewing…the older ones are really bad. It was based on a painting I have at home on a wall of a farmer ploughing the fields with two Clydesdale horse like the ones in the photo.

When I originally wrote it, I pictured the scene depicted in the painting coming to life; I could see and hear the horses pulling the plough, breathing deeply as their hooves hit the solid earth while the farmer guided them…I could hear the trees rustling and see the darkening leaves of autumn trees falling to the ground, hear birds chirping as they fluttered around in the sky and perhaps even a little stream babbling away in the distance. Just in case you can’t read the poem in the image above, I’ve included it below:

Blue skies, birds fly
A farmer and his horses
Leaves rustle, wind blows
Horses pull and farmer steadies
As the plough churns the earth

Crops grow, seeds planted
Water trickles down
Leaves fall, sun rises
A farmer and his horses

People call, men work
Crops sold, earth churned
Days pass, snow falls
Warm homes, tummies full

Another year passes, seasons change
Blue skies, birds fly
A farmer and his horses

A writer’s mind is equally a terrifying yet wondrous place…we see the most beautiful things come to life as we write yet our minds also conjure up the most terrifying monsters that stalk about in the night; sometimes I get shivers just thinking about them. And, yes…writers do sometimes terrify themselves just as much as they terrify their readers as said readers follow the words we’ve created. Heaven knows I’ve given myself nightmares a couple of times just from my own thoughts! It’s a bit ridiculous but we love our jobs anyway.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the poem!

Kyrena x