Generally, one of the major side-effect of mental illness is obsession. The patients seek refuge from the harsh conditions of their life by indulging them in various types of obsessions which could be binge-watching television, overeating or more dangerous addictions like smoking and drinking. The most impractical advice on obsession is stay away from the thing which you are addicted to. But is it really that easy? If it were so simple, then we wouldn’t have been addicted to that thing. So what to do? Well, here are some tips:

Replace the ‘bad’ obsession with the ‘good’ one
However clichéd it might seem, in movies it is always the hero who saves the day. Similarly, good obsession is the saviour here. If you are addicted to television, try listening instrumental music. It won’t strain your eyes and you won’t be bombarded with negativity. If you are addicted to overeating, try ‘Yoga’.
But how to get addicted to this good thing?
It is not easy to get addicted to good things. Who would want to get addicted to ‘Yoga’ when there are yummy pizza, burger and cakes to eat? Who would want to listen to slow instrumental music when we have rockstars at a single click away?
The answers to these questions are ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Variety’. Human is curious by nature. Try to gain as much knowledge about this ‘good’ addiction. When we gain knowledge, we become comfortable in that field and we start enjoying the thing. Find out the benefits of various ‘Yogasanas’ and you will develop interest in them. As for instrumental music, research music of various parts of the world and the effect of frequencies on our brain. It will surprise you and you will be tempted to try it. Seek variety in your experience. If you are doing ‘asanas’ then try ‘pranayamas’. If you listen piano music, try guitar music.
Replace single obsession with multiple obsessions
Obsession means having a streamlined interest in a single thing but the hidden message is that you cannot be obsessed with multiple things at a single time. So spread your interest to a wider number of activities and the intensity of your obsession will decrease.