Pizza is a part of life that no one should have to miss. But some of us have to do pizza a little differently in order to still enjoy the delicious snack. So, here is my twist on the classic margarita pizza – with an extra, somehow controversial, twist.

Ingredients RequiredThis recipe is incredibly easy because all the hard work is done for you! You don’t have to make the base or the sauce, all you really need to do is cut the cheese and construct the pizza. So, let’s get started!

  1. Take out your Warburton Wrap and place it with the darker side down.
  2. Put the four tablespoons of the Chutney, which is being used as the tomato sauce, in the middle of the wrap. Then spread the chutney around the base, make sure to keep it even. Add any other toppings you want on the pizza now. I made a margarita so it was just the chutney and cheese, but if you want olives or pepperoni, add them now.
  3. Now, after slicing the cheese (unless you buy grated), evenly distribute the cheese over the chutney covered base.
  4. Add any extra toppings you want to the pizza – I recommend a little ground black pepper.
  5. Put under a grill or in an oven for around 3-4 minutes at Gas Mark 5/6. All you’re waiting for is for the cheese to melt.

And there you have it! A simple, easy-peasy pizza. If you’re on the opposite side of the controversy that is the Pineapple on Pizza Debate, you can use a simple tomato chutney as a replacement!

Now, if you have any requests for recipes, feel free to send it to us using the contact form below!

Take care, everyone 🙂