REACHING DANNY  By Dorche’ Harris

71 Pages. $2.99 on Amazon

Dorche’ Harris is a single mother of two residing in Maryland with her family. She began role-playing online with her friends and this sparked her passion in writing. She is an inspiring writer and Reaching Danny is one of her first published novellas. Her novella, Reaching Danny, is not your everyday cup of tea love story.

Reaching Danny is a novella, in which not only our main character narrates this story to us. Dorche’ Harris switches the narrators of the story between Kaiden and Danny. Kaiden is a young male heading towards his thirty’s working as a Design Engineer at a company which he had been employed for two years at but he is climbing the power chain faster than most people. He had been single for several years after his last disastrous relationship and was not looking for anything. He met Danny at a shopping centre while there shopping with his best friend Charles.  ‘I noticed that you were struggling with those bags. Can I help you?’ were the first words he said to her as the two would venture into an adventure filled with twists and turns all over. Danny was a single mother of two children: a son and daughter, with Charles falling for them upon the first time he saw them.

Danny keeps pushing Kaiden away as he kept on pursuing and begging her for a chance with her but because of her past and hospitalisation issues, she keeps on pushing Kaiden away. She finds it hard to trust anyone after the things she had been through when she was young and Kaiden has to fight and prove to her that he is different from her past. Kaiden has to overcome numerous hurdles on his hunt of Danny and this makes the chase more exciting.

The book portrays love at all angles. The uniqueness of the book comes from Dorche’ Harris’s use of multiple viewpoints to show the love story to the readers. The switch between Kaiden and Danny gives a 360-degree view of the entire story.

‘The brightness in her eyes. She was happy. What happened that she could only find happiness in her children?

~                                    ~                                               ~

Kaiden stayed with us for the rest of our park visit. He hadn’t taken his eyes off me since he saved us from the duck.’

This technique told the story in a way that readers could relate to both sides of the story, Kaiden’s and Danny’s. There are one or two grammar mishaps. The majority of the story isn’t your ordinary love story but the ending was just the same old love story type of ending. Regardless of these few mishaps, it was a great read. It was so great that I recommend Reaching Danny to anyone who loves reading, people who love the feeling love and even if you do not like reading or love, the story is a real page-turner which would get you begging for more at the end of the story. I rate Reaching Danny a good 8.6/10, so that’s a thumb up from me.

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