This month has been somewhat of a hell – between my PTSD fucking up and my writer’s block being at a crossroads – it’s been pretty ridiculous.

It all started last Monday (20/03/17). As some of you may know (because you read Tuesday’s article on 28/03/2017), I have been suffering due to my PTSD – I basically end up shaking like a chihuahua because of loud noises. So, I’ve ended up taking leave from college – meaning I only go into college on Mondays.

Then there’s my writer’s block – I know a lot of people say:

Just keep writing, your writer’s block will go away!

Well, that doesn’t work for me – I’m that sort of person that gets a blank mind when writer’s block sets in.

And finally, I figured out what to write about for my new book, and I’ve started planning and working on it. I got the idea on Tuesday 21st March 2017 – the same day the man who inspired me to write the book died. However, I didn’t know that my idol, Colin Dexter, had died until seven days after the event. I was absolutely heartbroken, and still am.

Colin Dexter is one of those authors that wrote perfectly, both on the technical side and the story side. I love his work – especially my all time favourite detective show, Inspector MorseDexter knew how to keep an audience enthralled, he knew what he was doing and did it amazingly.

Now, with the great master dead, I’m in the process of attempting to decide whether or not to dedicate my book to his memory – I came up with the idea of the book on the day he passed, that can’t be a coincidence.

I’m hoping that my book will be good enough for him. My thoughts are with his bereaved family.


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