Some interesting dating tips for all those who need them!

Derinda's beginnings with writing

So, you’ve met the perfect girl and she actually agrees to let you take her out on a date.

OH NO! You are flat broke and you don’t want her running the other way before you even get to first base. What do you do?

You take my advice and wow her with these romantic tips that are sure to make her smile without breaking the bank.

  • Go camping- Although not completely free because of the cost of gas to get there (Unless you are lucky enough to live near a lake or forrest) Camping can last all weekend long and create a lasting impression. Camp by a lake or beach to include fishing, swimming, volleyball, picnicking and the fan favorite a bonfire (As long as you keep it safe and don’t break any laws.) Also you can show off your boy scout skills by making a fire pit and…

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