It’s a comfort to ourselves when we find someone who is a double of ourselves. Whether it’s by life experience, job, passion, mental illness, sexual or gender identity. It’s important to know that you’re not alone, no matter what it is that you’re doing.

And for me, this has gone pretty well over the past week!

I’ve been working on my college work and creating graphics for people as usual, but I found a group on Facebook called Writers Assemble. The group is full of writers, whether they’re unpublished, self-published, or discovered. And it’s amazing, the variety that there is in the group – there’s poets, bloggers, vloggers, authors, flash fiction writers, and so many more. I’ve made more friends in that group than I have in my entire years in College!

So, I have some recommendations – if you have something that you sometimes struggle with, like how I sometimes struggle to write, I struggle with my mental health, and how I struggle with my life experiences, find a group of people and apply yourself to them. Whether it’s in your local community, in school, or online.

Find people like yourself and you will feel a lot better!

Have a Happy Friday, everyone.



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