As animals, we all have instincts and although it doesn’t seem like we use them, we actually use our instincts every day.

Instincts can be habits or just behaviour that you continue while doing certain things. So, here are a few examples:

  • When meeting a new person, you will use probe questions in order to figure out when you like the person or not. However, you may also automatically dislike someone who you’ve heard bad things about. Therefore, disliking them before you even meet them.
  • Attraction is a very common instinct that everyone has, but there are different kinds. There is romantic attraction, which most people will acknowledge. However, there is also sexual attraction; this is only experienced by some people – depending on your sexual and sexuality standpoint. Sexual attraction is an attraction, generally, to someone’s looks. In the human race, we find someone sexually attractive because our brain makes us want to have babies with them… Yeah, it’s a mating instinct.
  • And finally, you know when you don’t have work so you can have a lie in but you wake up at 7am anyway because your brain won’t let you sleep in for work? Yeah, that’s what that’s for. This instinct is a brain clock that has an alarm for when you have to get up for work or school – I’m not sure why we wake up on our days off feeling better than when we need to go to school/work, but that also seems to be a thing that I wished my brain wouldn’t do. The reason I’m talking about this instinct is because this has been happening to me every day for months. I usually wake up at 3:30am – not by choice – and then hopefully fall back to sleep at around 4:30am, unless I stay awake completely because my brain is being a dick. But when I get back to sleep, my brain then wakes me up, again, at 5:30am! For no reason! And then I’m stuck being awake from then on. However, the reason my brain seems to be doing this is because I wake up at 6:30am and my brain is preparing for Daylight Savings Time… That doesn’t happen for another week! But hey, my brain has never been normal.

So, what I’ve learnt is that instincts are annoying as hell but can benefit us in certain situations.

Also, heads up to UK residents, Daylights Saving happens on 1am on Mother’s Day – which is March 26th.

We hope you have a great Friday, and a lovely weekend!

Take care!


via Daily Prompt: Instinct


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