Warning: This article talks about Medication Stigma. If this may upset you, please skip this article or proceed with caution.

Society likes to make people think that mental illness isn’t a problem and that it can’t be treated. Well, that’s bullshit.

As our knowledge of mental health advances, more and more treatments are becoming available – however, people continue to shame those who decide to use a pill to help their problems.

14446134_1828934547343130_3289409167315973837_n-300x280Here is a prime example (to the left) of the stigma against medication that has helped, and saved, millions of people.

This meme suggests that all people with depression requires is fresh air and that the medication that has possibly saved their life, is a piece of shit. Well, that’s not true.

Mental health medications are just as good of a treatment as therapy, fresh air, and nature. But suggesting that the natural way is the only way to cure a mental health problem, it’s like telling a diabetic that one brand of Insulin is good and another is bad, even though they give the same benefits.

Medication is not a cure-all, neither is therapy because there is no cure for a mental health problem, there is only recovery and coping. For some, therapy is needed for a six-week period and then their life goes back to normal. For others, they need therapy and medication, and some just need the medication. But shaming someone for using medication that it designed to help them is not only ridiculous but it’s insulting. Image shaming a cancer patient for their lack of hair due to chemotherapy and saying “there are better ways to treat cancer, like diet and exercise”. How about fuck off?

No treatment is better than another for everyone. For me, I needed a mixture of therapy and medication – I’ve now been discharged from therapy due to getting better and I am on a constant medication for my depression, which is helping me a lot. But for some people, therapy isn’t a good idea; and for others, medication isn’t a good idea.

It’s all about trial and ever, but medication can help a lot of people and they should not feel ashamed for using it because you can’t acknowledge that illnesses and disabilities can be invisible.

Whichever way you use to cope with your mental health problems, whether it’s through medication or therapy, or even both. You do you. Be proud of your recovery and your method.

Have a nice day everyone.