Warning: This article speaks of Sexism. If you believe this may offend you, please skip the article or proceed with caution.



Take a look around you, look at how much women do in today’s society. For me, I have three woman teachers and one man. My principle is a woman. All of my college teachers last year were women. A large proportion of the writers here, at Live Love Laugh Ranting, are women.

So, what would the world be like without women?

Well, if they all just vanished, or just stopped going to work – we wouldn’t have a Prime Minister and neither would Germany; we would lack a lot of music; our supermarkets would be practically empty of workers; we wouldn’t have many teachers; we’d lack new fashions; and we wouldn’t have many workers in our NHS hospitals and general practices. And that’s just to name a few things where the world would go down hill due to women not doing their work. But hey, if they’re waiting at home for you to come back – she can make you a sandwich, can’t she? That’s what she’s there for, right?

No. No, she’s not there to be your slave; she’s not there to carry your child against her will; she’s not there to clean or iron your shirt; she’s not there to cook your meal; she’s not there to clean the house; she’s not there as a sex object for you; she’s not there to be stoned if she disobeys; she’s not there to be beaten because she wore something you don’t agree with; she’s not there to be forced to live or act a certain way for you.

Today is International Women’s Day; it’s a day to appreciate the women in your life and the women behind the scenes. Above, I’ve spoken quite plainly, not including non-binary. Because the sexism that women and men face during their day isn’t just about Males and Females. It’s about everyone: Transgender people (whether assigned one or another), Non-Binary. It’s about everyone.

So, today when you’re campaigning for feminism – remember your trans brothers and sisters and your non-binary siblings. Equality should be for everyone, whether you’re in the west or the east of this world. Fight for all of us, or you just can’t call yourself a feminist.