Around five years ago, I came out as Queer – this was a big step for me, and it changed my fiction!

I began writing My Mate when I was fifteen. My Mate was about a Lesbian couple, one being a Vampyre and another being a Demigod.

And now, as a nineteen-year-old, I’m seemingly writing more and more none heterosexual romances; which I quite like, I find Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc, a lot easier to write. So, I thought I’d introduce you to some of my new works. Starting with my new Gay Fiction, Blue Genes.

Blue Genes is a book based around a man called Max who falls for another man called Samuel. The book is being written to tackle the transphobia in the gay community. So, fancy a read? There will be a downloadable copy uploaded on LLLRanting when the book is finished, I’m hoping to finish it in March – I’m setting goals for myself. But, until then, it’s on Wattpad, I hope you enjoy:



Click the cover to be taken to Wattpad in order to read the book.