I sometimes struggle to try and find something to write about on Fridays because I want Fridays to be happy! After all, it’s Happy Fridays! But today, I went to see a dietician, for my second appointment and I have some good news.

So, to start: I have lost 16lbs in weight which is just over a stone! That’s quite good for me because I haven’t really ever been able to lose weight. So, losing weight feels awesome – and trust me, I’m not losing it because I want to “fit in”. I’m actually losing it for health reasons, mainly due to my mental health. When I gain weight, my depression, anxiety and PTSD get a LOT worse. But with the loss of some weight, I’m getting better in myself and I’ve been discharged from my counselling!


So, between my mental health getting better, my physical health getting a lot better, I’m feeling awesome!

Now, for my next bit of news. I am progressing from my dietician to the hospital to get more help. Meaning I’ve actually done really well! Happy days!


I’m not going to explain how I lost the weight because it will take too much time and I’m just going to write about it on Monday for our Totally Noms.

As you can imagine, I’m happy, doing well, and that means content will continue to fly out to you!

Take care. Have an amazing and beautiful day.

I love you.