Well, it’s Happy Friday so I am going to keep it as happy as I can. Honestly speaking I have personally been waiting for this day for like forever as it seems but it has been like 2 months since I knew it was going to happen. Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran announced, after about a year from music on a break, that he was releasing his third album called DIVIDE on the 3rd of March. The first two songs from the album were released on the same day of the announcement, the 6th of January and they were just an indication of what to expect from the album, a whole lot of emotion and a whole lot of fun.

The first two songs he released were so different from each other. The first one I listened to was Castle On The Hill and it was the usual Ed song we would expect. It starts off slow tempo and slowly increases and turns into a club banger which got me shaking my head continuously on the bus ride. He talks about his life as a youngster and the mischievous things he got up to with his friends. There is a part where he talks about his ‘first kiss on a Friday night’ which according to him wasn’t his best but the way he portrays it allowed his listeners to connect with him. The second track which I listened to was Shape Of You. It was the fun, cheerful and joyous melodious jam which gets the listeners dancing to every beat of the song. It is Ed’s type of love song, where he describes the love of this mystery woman and how the chase and thrill of getting that girl was. The reason why his listeners connect with him mostly is the way he makes his songs so relatable because as Shape Of You went on and on I began to think about my own love, and how I’m in love with the shape of her and the way we are throughout.

So yes, after these first two songs, the entire world waited and waited for the album. The pre-order was available from January and I was one of the first to preorder it too. Earlier today, the album was officially released on the Apple Music and millions of people finally got the chance to listen to it and honestly speaking I think the only word to describe it is: MASTERPIECE. The album is a combination of different type of sounds. You love the slow romantic love type of songs? It has them. You love the uptempo love songs? It got them. You love the songs with a message? It has them. You love the olden country type of music? It has them. Song number 1 is called ERASER and it describes his past. He talks about how his music started and how in the beginning when people were questioning him and pulling him down he kept pushing on and right now he is where he is (and I’m pretty sure we know where that is ‘UP’). The third song, DIVE, talks about someone who wants to know if the feeling they are feeling is real. The most noticeable lyric says, ‘So don’t call me baby, Unless you mean it, Don’t tell me you need me, if you don’t believe it, so let me know the truth before I dive into you.’ The typical love song for everyone out there was waiting for is song number 5 according to me, PERFECT. It talks about that young love, that raw fire, that type of feeling one has when they are truly in love. Have you ever been in love? Remember that feeling? Yes, that one. That’s exactly the one he taps into.

Another one of my favourites is song number 13, BARCELONA. The rhythm in this one is perfect I tell you. Ever been to Barcelona? Well, I haven’t and after this song, I also want to go to Barcelona and jive too in the streets of Barcelona. The beat of this song gets you moving even if you have 3 left feet like myself, it gets you feeling your moves as if you can speak Spanish and can dance like they do. I could single handily describe every song on this album but I would write an entire book about it. So on this happy Friday, I am being charged by this marvellous piece of work. According to me, it is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while, so that’s why I decided to listen to it. Okay, maybe it’s because I just love Ed’s music but now, it still sounds great. But I guess the 13 countries which it is already number 1 in agree with. The singer/songwriter has really outdone himself this time.