Most people know that I’m Queer, possibly the Queerest person you know, because it’s impossible to pinpoint my gender and sexuality like others can. Some people can say they’re Lesbian, or Gay, or Bisexual while being Non-Binary, Cisgender, or Trans. For me, it’s not as simple. Which is why I go by Queer, because my sexuality and gender are weird, even to me.

However, on many occasions, I’ve been asked and even criticised for using the word Queer to describing myself.

I’ve been asked:

Why do identify as a slur?

And I’ve been told:

It’s desrespectful to the people from the early days of the LGB+ by using Queer as anything other than the insult it is.


Well, I don’t particularly care what people think. I’m Queer because my sexuality and gender is weird, it fits me, and I like it.

If you don’t like being Queer, then don’t identify as it. It’s that simple.

via Daily Prompt: Slur