The media seems to have fun being killjoys and hiding all the good things that are happening within the LBGT+ at the moment. So, here is some good things and their responses – which some are negative, but I’ll put some good ones, too; don’t worry.

5. Prince William has been shortlisted for the Straight Ally award a year after being on the cover of LGBT+ magazine, Attitude. Personally, I’m quite pleased for him and it seems like a lot of people are. There haven’t been many comments on it, so far.


4. Sexuality is becoming less of an issue in the army, meaning more LGB+ people are being recruited! This is pretty good considering it was, at one point, basically illegal for LGBT+ members to be in the army. So, well done. However, some people think this is problematic. A user under the name of Steveeboy commented:

“What has this world come to?”

My response:

A more open and free world for everyone, no matter their race, sexuality, gender or religion. Or at least that’s what we’re aiming for.


3. So, this one is a little bit mixed – it’s sort of a celebration of the fact that we Gays can now marry whoever the f*ck we want. But it’s also a kick in the teeth from the heterosexual crowd. Basically, a heterosexual couple is campaigning to have Civil Partnerships opened up to heterosexual couples because it’s better than marriage – if you haven’t figured it out already, they’re basically attempting to tell us that what we had was better than what they had, blatantly ignoring their privilege. Personally, I don’t think civil partnerships should even be a thing anymore, it’s basically just the same as getting married but for Gay people who weren’t allowed to be married. So, why is it still around? No one knows. If you think a Civil Partnership is anything special in comparison to Marriage, then you’re a fool. It’s less than Marriage but comes with all the same griefs because, if the relationship ends, you still need to file for divorce.


2. The suicide rate in LGBT+ Marriage Friendly States in the US has gone down!!! Yay! So, if you don’t get it, let me explain. Due to the states legalising Gay marriage, less LGBT+ people are committing suicide because they can actually be with the person they love without being criticised. Obviously, homophobia is still running rampant, as well as many other hateful things, but the suicide rate has gone down, and that’s something to be happy about. This has no comments, also, so we’re doing well.


1. And finally, some nice news: Scotland is attempting to get LGBT+ Education into all schools! Yes! Please, do. And of course, a backlash has happened…. A lot of it… Holy sh*t there has been so much… Personally, it just makes me laugh about how pathetic these humans are. So, let’s have a giggle!

A user under the name Davey said:

Labour obsessing over minority groups whilst ignoring the plight of the working class yet again…

Schools need to be teaching kids useful stuff relevant to the workplace not filling their heads full of rubbish about how they should be having sex.

Now, Davey, shut the fuck up. School is for education on how to survive in Life not just how to get a job. Also, if you think we shouldn’t be teaching Sex Education how about we stop teaching kids how to protect themselves from STIs, STDs, and Pregnancy. You’d be the first one to moan when your 14-year-old comes home pregnant because no one taught her and her sexual partner how to use a condom.


A user called Imran Khan asked:

How Many? What Percentage?

It’s 25%. 1 in 4 people are part of the LGBT+, therefore, only catering for 75% of our youth is pretty ridiculous. What happened to no child left behind?


A user called John Stobbart said:

WTF is LGBTI? How many more letters are going to be added to this acronym?

As many as we fucking want. What does it matter to you how many letters in the alphabet we want to use to describe our community?


A user named Mara Naile-Akim said:

Let them just learn about sex and relationships from pornography eh?

How about no? Because Pornography doesn’t teach safety in sexual activities, it also doesn’t teach about relationships, it doesn’t teach how to take care of your sexual health, it also doesn’t teach about what your genitals is supposed to look like! After all, many women are being self-conscious due to their labia’s being on the outside of the Vulva due to pornography showing them that they must be on the inside for their Vulva to look presentable.


And finally, my personal favourite that made me laugh like holy hell, Fermi’s Paradox commented:

I have absolutely nothing against LGBTI, however I do not want the merits,or otherwise,of this minority to be shoved down my childrens throats at school before they are even 16 years old.

As far as I am concerned it is PC gone mad.

Well, don’t you sound like the typical closeted homophobe! So, you have no problem with us, but you don’t want us shoving our sexuality down your children’s throats, even though the schools are shoving heterosexuality down your children’s throats… when they could be homosexual… Well, don’t you sound like the parent of the f*cking year! Also, if you haven’t noticed, most LGBT+ find out that they are LGBT+ by that age of 12, meaning they will already know by the age of 16 and you will probably be that homophobic parent that will force them into conversion therapy. I hope none of your children turn out to be LGBT+, because if they do… I feel really sorry for them.


And, although there has been a lot of good news, there is always a group of idiots who like to put a damper on our happiness – or try to. But they failed because they’re idiots, and I can’t help but laugh at some of the comments that get posted. Seriously, there is no shortage of homophobes, and I’ve gotten to a point in life where I just laugh at their stupidity; I hope you can join me in the laughfest.

Take care, have a beautiful day, and stay weird 😉



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