Warning: This article is ‘Controversial’. I am going to be talking about Racism, Oppression, the KKK, Hitler, Britain First, Racists, Segregation, and Privilege. My writing in this ranty article is also sarcastic and contains swearing. If you feel you may upset you, please skip this article or proceed with caution.



Image of an African American man drinking from a ‘coloured’ water fountain.

It’s quite annoying how society today is dealing oppression and racism so lightly.

Ignorantly enough, a lot of people are going to start calling me a snowflake because I’m saying racism is still alive and kicking, as well as oppression, and I’m okay with that. If you think I’m a snowflake, well done! You now know everything about me so you can leave now (if you haven’t gathered yet, the sarcasm has already started)!

So, let me explain how Racism, and Nationalism, is still around!

“Immigrants come to this country to kill us! I have no problem with migrants.”

Ermmm… Sorry, but what? You think Immigrants are murderers? And you’re not okay with someone coming into the country to live permanently but you’re okay with people coming in for a short while, then going somewhere else…

What is wrong with these people?

Let me explain!

The definition of Migrant:

A person who moves from one place to another to find work or a better living condition.

The definition of Immigrant:

A person who goes into a foriegn country to live permanently.

Image of an African-American child drinking from a ‘coloured’ water pump.

Meaning the person treating you in a hospital, that is from a different country from the one that you’re in, is an immigrant – not a migrant – also meaning that they could kill you from what you’re insinuating. How very charming!


Now to move on to another comment I’ve seen:

“[Non-White People] cause the most crime.”

Statistically, Non-White people will get more time in prison for the same crime as committed by a White person due to bias’ and profiling.

They didn’t call them Non-White People, they actually used a more racist, degrading, and pathetically rude name, but I’m not going to repeat that.

So, why is this false? Well, maybe because the highest number of people of one ethnicity in UK prisons is White! Including foreign nationals – because white people come from more places than just the UK and the USA – 72% of people in UK prisons are White. 13.7% are Black, 7.1% are Asian, 3.5% are dual heritage, and 1.4% are Chinese or other.



As of the 2011 census, there were 63.2 million people living in the UK. Only 11.4 million of those people were from a foreign country. In the 11.4 million that had come to the country contained all ethnicities, including White. Making the UK still a very White majority country and meaning there are 5 White British people to every immigrant.

So, no, Non-White People do not cause the most crime – it’s actually white people – no matter which country they’re from.


Now, these statistics just show that we are a white majority country. Which is true. the UK is majoritively white, which is why we are cause the most crime – but accusing all other ethnicities of causing the most crime in a country where there are nowhere near as many of them as there are of us, just shows that racism is alive.

Now, for why Racism toward white people is bullsh*t.

Let me explain, starting with the definition of Racism:

Prejudice, discrimination, oppression, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

The definition basically means that people will discriminate and be highly prejudice toward someone of another race because they think their race is better.

The KKK have been known for their Nazi nature and the fact they support Hitler. Britain First have also shown Nazi characteristics by using religion, race, religion, sexuality, and gender identity as a reason for someone to not be legitimate and for reason to class those people as second instead of all being equal.

And that IS still happening – after all, the KKK and Britain First are still around, for an example.

So, why is Racism toward white people, not a thing? Well, probably because we’re not oppressed – and by that, I mean if someone calls me a cracker, I can leave the room and go into another room and not be called a cracker. I can escape the ‘racial abuse’ toward me, I have that privilege. But people who are not white can’t escape the racism when living in a white majority country, they do not have that privilege.


Another very common form of racism:


My response:

Go f*ck yourself.

People chant this when they see a Black Lives Matter campaign or news story and it’s pretty stupid. If all lives matter, why the holy balls do so many people feel its okay for an African-American man to get shot by the police for having an EpiPen but become outraged because an African-American sportsman to kneel during the national anthem in protest?

It’s pathetic, stupid, and overall racist.

If all lives mattered, they’d protest with us when an African-American or Native American person is shot and killed by police for no reason, instead of defending the white police officer and saying, “he thought the person had a gun!” People seem to always have that excuse.

African-American Man was running for a bus when shot dead by police.

He thought he had a gun!


Police use Water Canons against Peaceful Native American Protesters at Standing Rock.

They were being violent!

It’s always the same, literally.

So, my advice it to keep an open mind and do some research.

Take care and have a beautiful day!