A study in Scotland has identified that young carers are more likely to have mental health issues in comparison to their peers. The issues are majoritively stress relative, leading to sleep deprivation.

And when people ask why these young carers are having these issues, the answer is: They do it alone. Meaning, they have no time away from the stress of being a carer and with the incapability of knowing how to handle it, they start having issues.

This is something I know a fair bit about due to being a carer myself. When you’re looking after people on a daily basis, who is extremely needy, it can be a very big strain on your mental health.

So, I have some tips for any carers out there:

  • There are organisations that can help you – Young Minds, Action for Children, and The Honeypot Children’s Charity.
  • Don’t bottle up your emotions – talk to someone: whether it’s a teacher, friend, counsellor, or relative.
  • Make sure to take time for yourself – Self Love is important, for information on Self Love, view our worksheet HERE.
  • Remember that you’re important – you’re strong, independent, and important.
  • It’s okay to feel annoyed and agitated. You are allowed to say no.

If you need someone to talk to and feel like you have nowhere to turn, feel free to contact us – we’ll help in any way that we can.

Take care.