We all love ice cream, no matter our capability of eating it! And, with my incapability to eat dairy and only two flavour options at my disposal (Chocolate and Vanilla), I have decided to make my own ice cream.

I have always been one to adore ice cream, especially from Italian parlours because they make amazing ice cream – which is where I got this flavour from for the first time when I was thirteen! I bought a Coffee Ice Cream from an Italian parlour in Poland, then found the parlour’s owner’s brother parlour in England! Yes, I found twin in the same business in two different countries! It was amazing and because of them, I’m now addicted to Coffee Ice Cream. So, let’s get on with the recipe, shall we?

ingredients-required-2As you can see to the left, I have comprised the ingredients on an infograph so you can open it, download it, save it, and print it so you know what is required for this one!

Now, onto the nitty gritty. I apologise but to make this recipe, you’re going to need an ice cream maker. However, I have news for you: they can be bought extremely cheap! I’m currently using a Kenwood IM200 Ice Cream Maker, I bought it for £10 from a selling site like eBay and it works fine! It’s really good. You can get this model on eBay for around £10-£40, or you can get the newer models by Kenwood which are ranged around £40-£60; I recommend the one I have because it’s cheap and easy to use but if you want to use something else, go ahead!

Now, let’s get to the business on how I made my Coffee Ice Cream!

  1. Most ice cream makers will want you to pre-freeze the bowl of the maker for around 24-hours so that the inner liquids freeze meaning the cream and such will freeze while in the maker – which means it will be done as soon as the machine finishes without any freezer time!
  2. When the bowl is completely frozen – you can tell this by shaking it next to your ear and hearing whether or not the water is still sloshing around – attach the bowl to, or put the bowl in, your ice cream maker with the turning paddle in the correct place. Do not put the mixture in the bowl before the machine begins working! The reason for this is, is because the mixture could freeze while being in the bowl without the paddle turning.
  3. After turning the machine on, take all your ingredients into a jug and to mix them together. The fluid should then be 400ml in total, you don’t have to stir the coffee and sugar into a point of it dissolving, it will do that in the machine.
  4. Once the mixture is in the jug, and the machine is on, you can now pour the mixture into the machine via the feed tube.
  5. Once all the mixture is poured into the machine, you can then wait the designated time – my Kenwood IM200 only takes 25-40 minutes for the ice cream to form and finish, others may take longer or less time.
  6. Once the mixture has turned solid, you can stop the machine and scoop it out! You can then eat it or put it into the freezer for later!

This is a really easy and tasty recipe and I hope you all enjoyed it!

If you have any Ice Cream flavour suggestions or meal suggestions that you would like me to make Gluten/Dairy/Egg free, feel free to suggest them below: