WARNING: This article discusses Racism, the KKK, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Rape, Terrorism, and Donald Trump. This article is written by a Crybaby Snowflake Leftie, as named by the Republicans. If you’re a Conservative – you might want to just skip this article. Have a nice day.


As the United States of America goes to hell, the LGBT+ community is screaming out into a world that wants their silence.

The US is now being taken over by a group of white supremacist, anti-LGBT+, Islamophobic, sexist government and it’s shaking up non-citizens as well as pissing off every other country other than Russia.

As the Travel Ban that is currently happening in the US is terrifying non-citizens after finding out that some may be deported – even though they’re legal. Over the past week, it’s not been unheard of that some green card holders have had said green cards taken away and their legal visas cancelled due to being from one of the banned countries while also being Muslim. And now, some LGBT+ asylum seekers are becoming extremely scared of deportation due to some of the countries banned have laws against being LGBT+.

For example, homosexuality is punishable by death in Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya.

However, some can just get imprisonment in these countries as well as in Syria.

And people wonder why LGBT+ people are scared!

So, as the US goes to shit, and Conservatives/Republics continue to call us Crybaby Snowflakes for not wanting to die, it’s getting to a point where it’s almost impossible for some to be heard.

Although LGBT+ aren’t the only ones affected in the new US, that isn’t new at all – it’s around 200+ years old, it’s anyone who isn’t White, Christian, Cisgender, Male, and Straight. 

And I know people are going to scream: “WE’RE NOT ALL THE SAME!”

I know, we all know. But it’s your privilege if you’re white, Christian, Cisgender, Male, and Straight. And by screaming, “we’re not all the same”. You’re sort of ignoring your privilege, looking like a douche, and accusing us of doing what the government is currently doing to Muslims from any of the banned countries – because the government hasn’t realised that not all Muslims are terrorists but all priests are definitely not paedophiles, all men are not rapists, all white people are not racist, and all straight people are not homophobic.

Donald Trump and his supporters of sheep don’t understand their own argument should be the same for everyone.

If the rest of the West aren’t allowed to generalise one of them, then they shouldn’t be allowed to generalise Muslims – no matter where they come from! After all, ISIS have killed more Muslims than they have anyone else. And just because someone screams Allahu Akbar while waving around a machete, also don’t mean they’re a Muslim Terrorist – it actually means they’re religious and speak Arabic! Allahu Akbar is NOT an Islamic phrase, it’s actually just an Arabic phrase while means “God is Greater”.

So, no, not all terrorists are Muslims, not all Muslims are terrorists; the Muslim ban is pathetic and pointless; the KKK is a terrorist organisation; Donald Trump is an imbecile; and more people are in danger than most people think.

And I know you’re not hearing me through these Snowflake cries, but at least I listen to both sides of the story, I’m just the one deciding whether it’s right or wrong.

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