At LLLRanting, we love finding new talent!
So, we are now hosting trimonthly writing contests.
This contest starts on February 9th 2017 and ends April 24th 2017.

Now for the who can enter:
You must be over the age of 16 years old, this is due to our target audience being at least 16, but generally over the age of 18. Anyone can enter, from any country, but the writing must be in English as we haven’t started producing magazines in other languages yet.

How to enter:

Write your story and email it to us at or put it on Wattpad with the Tag: #LLLRantingSpringWritingContest
Also, send us an inbox message with the link to your story.
Another way of identifying that you’re entering the contest is by also putting our Stamp for this contest on your book cover, shown below.


Click the stamp to download the stamp.


Theme: Spring – it doesn’t mean it has to be about spring, it could be set in spring!
Genre: it’s open, there are no restrictions! It could be Romance, Horror, Fantasy! It’s all up to you.
Length: Minimum of 300 words.
Rating: It can be PG or Mature. Rating does not matter.

There will be three winners! All of them will have their story or the first chapter of their story featured in our Monthly magazine, Butterfly Pride as well as have their book covers featured on our website.

Our CEO, Castiel Gutierrez, will be judging the contest.

If you have any questions about the contest, comment below, inbox us or email us at
Good Luck.