This is my take on a Thai Red Chicken Curry. This is a spicy dish, do not eat it unless you can handle spice.


  • tin of Chopped Tomatoes,
  • two Bell Peppers (1 red, 1 green),
  • two white onions,
  • four spring onions,
  • four chicken breast fillets or a 500mg pack of diced chicken breast,
  • two tablespoons of curry powder,
  • two cloves of garlic,
  • five mushrooms,
  • five tablespoons of sweet chili sauce,
  • one teaspoon of lime juice,
  • one teaspoon of lemon juice,
  • one teaspoon of olive oil,
  • three tablespoons of dark soy sauce,
  • one cup of milk (Lactofree or Soya).


  1. Add two tablespoons of dark soy sauce and one teaspoon of olive oil to a pan, and add the chopped chicken to the pan to fry until it is white and soaked up some/most of the soy sauce.
  2. Once the chicken is cooked, add the tinned tomatoes, curry powder, lime, lemon, soy, and sweet chili sauce.
  3. Chop the onion, spring onion, mushroom, and peppers, and garlic. Add them to the pot.
  4. Add the cup of milk to the pan.
  5. When the mixture has turned a light orange colour, and is piping hot, it will be ready to serve.

Serving suggestion:

Serve with Long Grain Rice, or Jasmine Rice.

The End Product