16177599_767079623444222_3465262347866083868_oEveryone sets goals in their life, and for me – I’m trying to lose weight and I have been trying to for a few years.

At one point, I was trying to lose weight because I hated my body, and myself.

But now, I want to lose weight because I feel healthier and stronger, as well as fitter, as I lose weight.

So, I’ve been ‘dieting’, also known as eating healthily. I’ve never really eaten anything extremely bad, compared to the people who eat McDonalds and KFC all the time because the calories is lower than healthier foods.

I’m the type of person who will eat a lot of vegetables, pasta, and white meats. I don’t eat much red meats, but due to the need for extra iron in my body, I’m eating more of it – at the moment.

Other than my eating habits, I’ve also narrowed down my portions from eating from a normal plate to eating from a small (side dish) plate. I have one snack a day, and my meals are generally two courses. By that I mean I’ll have a main meal and a dessert – the dessert will be a soya yoghurt or ice cream, or a raspberry sorbet.

I’ve also been eating two slices of bread a day – mine is Soya bread due to being gluten free – but two slices a day, no more, is definitely a good option. I know people, those in my family, who eat four slices in one sitting. And I must admit, I was like that for a long time. But now, I can’t eat more than two – two is enough! I also aim to have at least three vegetables a day and two fruit a day, but I do most of the time have more!

Since going Lactose and Gluten free, I’ve officially lost four kilograms, which is just a little less than nine pounds in weight!

And just to put that into perspective, it’s been seventeen days! Just over two weeks and almost a stone of weight gone!

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for me, it’s massive! I’ve been trying to lose weight for over ten years and only been able to gain. And now, I’m finally losing weight.

And the best part about it is, I’m eating most of my favourite foods!

I’m still eating Nachos and Chili, Pasta Bakes, Bolognese, Shepherds Pie, and Chips. I still get to eat all the tasty food that I love, and lose weight while enjoying it!

It’s great and I love it. And I’m just so happy.

I hope I continue losing weight, I really want to get down a few dress sizes compared to what I currently am – not only for health benefits but for the possibility of being happier in myself for my wedding day, it would be amazing!

So, that’s me for now!

Stay tuned for Quick Fix being released tomorrow! Take care and have an awesome day!