For a healthy life style, you need to have certain things in your diet. It is different for everyone due to allergies. But its the same concept.

These tips are for people within the UK, I would write them for other countries too – but I can’t get onto websites to research, let alone go to another country to check out their store – hopefully one day we will be able to produce a European or Worldwide version of this, but for now – it’s UK only.

So, let’s begin.

  • Soya Milk: This is an expensive drink for those purchasing it from the usual supermarkets such as Tesco, but I’ve recently found a cheaper but just as nice Soya Milk brand in AldiSoya Milk by Actileaf is just 59p a carton compared to Tesco’s own being £1.10. That’s a saving of 51p – which doesn’t sound like a lot, but its a large saving – knowing that for only an extra 8p you can buy twice the amount at Aldi than you can at Tesco. The down side is that it does contain GMO, unlike Alpro. (Alpro Soya Milk is £1.30-£1.50 usually).
  • Gluten Free Rice Cake Snacks: This is another food product from Aldi. And although there is no similar one in Tesco, from what I’ve seen, its still cheaper than similar snacks. These Rice Cake Snacks are like crisps (or chips depending which area of the world you’re from), they come in Sea Salt flavour and Chili – and they’re to die for. They do come with a price tag of 65p a bag, but it’s worth it as a treat every once in a while. They’re by The Foodie Market. They’re also Lactose free, but there is a warning that they may contain a milk and soya.
  • Fresh Fruit and Veg: Fresh fruit and veg is essential to a healthy diet but it can be fairly expensive, another place to buy fruit and veg is Aldi, they have five fruit and/or veg a week that go down to as little as 19p. And the rest of the store is pretty well priced, too.
  • Dole Fruit Pots: These are a good thing to have in a lunch box, not only do they produce some one of your five a day, but they also give you a tiny drink due to the juice. I buy them from Tesco, and currently they’re 49p a pot, or 8 for £3.
  • Lactofree Milk: Lactofree Milk is currently on offer at Tesco for £1 instead of £1.34.
  • Lactofree Cheddar Cheese: This is also on offer at Tesco for £1.50 a block instead of £1.80.
  • Lactofree Cheese Spread: Also on offer at Tesco for £1 instead of £1.30.
  • Carrot Cake Ice Cream: This is at Tesco, it’s not on offer it is just £3.99. However, it is Gluten and Dairy Free. It would be Vegan Friendly if it wasn’t for the Free Range Egg.
  • Almond Dream Ice Cream: This ice cream is from Asda and it costs £4.99. It is Gluten and Dairy Free and is also suitable for Vegans. But, it’s not suitable for people with Nut Allergies.
  • Alpro Chocolate Milk: This is best to get from the UHT aisle. And the reason I say that is, the UHT version (This is a milk that doesn’t have to be stored in a fridge until it has been opened) has less sugars but tastes the same and its around 5-10p cheaper depending on where you do your shopping.
  • Bacon: Farmfoods is selling 3 packs of Bacon (18 slices a pack) for £6.

And that’s it for this time, if you have any requests on what you want to see in the next one feel free to leave a comment below!

I will be doing this every month or so if its useful to people. I know it was useful for me to find out that my milk was 35p cheaper than usual XD


Have a nice day everyone,

Happy Shopping.



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