Not everyone has the luxury of being themselves. Some people need a helping hand, and that’s the case for Dorian.

Dorian is a Trangender Man who has been awaiting help from the NHS Trans Help services, to get him onto T (Testosterone) and gender re-assignment. He’s been waiting two years and hasn’t gotten anywhere! And with him having to move soon, he will have to re-register and wait for at least another two years before possibly getting an appointment.

Unfortunately, its a truth that is often overlooked in the UK, a lot of Trans people in the North of England seem to be having trouble getting help from the NHS. Dorian being one of them. So, he’s decided to kick things into action by holding a fundraiser on GoFundMe to get help raising the funds to get the treatment he needs.

As well as wanting treatment, he’s wanting to document the change and his life as he goes through university while transitioning, which would be extremely useful to a lot of Trans folk because some people – although they know the facts – they don’t know how the experience itself will be. By documenting this, and giving a clear point of view through the experience, it could help so many people in their journey through gender re-assignment.

The reason I want to help Dorian is because everyone should be allowed the chance to be the person they are; and what an amazing person, he is.

So, here is what you can do:

  1. Donate to his cause – £1, or £10. Every little helps and it’s going to a good cause!
  2. If you can’t donate, share the link – someone, out there, will be able to donate. And if we share it, they will then have the chance to help! Donating is amazing, but sharing is just as good! It really helps!

If you would like to donate, or help Dorian by sharing his story!

Click the image below or click HERE to go to Dorian’s GoFundMe Page.

Click the image to go to Dorian’s GoFundMe Page.