Warning: The following article discusses Chelsea Manning, Dehumanization, and The Holocaust – proceed with caution.

Yesterday it was announced that Chelsea Manning is being released early – she is now being released this May.

Manning was arrested and imprisoned for leaking Military files that incriminated the US Military in may ways, both morally, and legally. She found that the Military were committing inhuman, and unjustified acts, as well as leak information about the extremely pointless Iraq war.

She was sentenced to 35 years in prison of total confinement, and has almost died not once but twice while being inside, as well as trying to take her own life. However, Barack Obama listened to a signed petition in recent days to have Manning released, and it didn’t fall on deaf ears. Obama commuted Manning after she has served seven years in prison. Although she is being commuted, she has not been pardoned meaning her crime will stay on her criminal record indefinitely.

A lot of people have rejoiced, but some have been rather…. Bigoted and somewhat terrifying in their manner of speaking.

Whether you believe she should be released or not, there is one thing we should all show her: Respect for being Human. Because disrespecting her humanity, causes problems to the people similar to her.

And by this, I’m talking about her being Transgender. A lot of the media are congratulating and celebrating her freedom by mentioning that she is Transgender, and although it isn’t incorrect, it has nothing to do with her crime. But, thanks to the greatness of social media, the horrible humans came out to play anyway.

So, this is something that happened while on the page Lizzy the Lezzy:


This person is clearly not an member, nor an ally of the LGBT+ with how she talked in her comment. She called it a ‘Gay’ page, which although it does represent the Gay Community, it also represents the rest of the LGBT+.

She also said that Manning is Transgender Queer…….. That’s not a thing last time I checked, so she is clearly incorrectly informed. She calls the LGBT+ community members that were celebrating Idiots, which is rude – yes, they’re happy for Manning; yes, you have a right to be angry because of Manning because that’s your views and you’re a republican (from what I’ve seen on her profile, and although not all republicans are hateful towards the LGBT+, but more specifically Trans people, it is a factor I’m going to add), but you don’t need to accuse others of being idiots.

And then, my main problem with her comment: “It’s Transgender”. She called Chelsea Manning, a human being an IT. It is so dehumanizing to call a Trans person IT. But its dehumanizing in a way that Dusti calls her IT not just in protest of Manning’s gender, but also by making her an object and not a person. It is beyond horrifying. And I know a lot of people will say ‘Cas, you’re over-reacting!’

But as someone who has spoken to a Holocaust Survivor, it is horrifying.

I met a lady when we were studying World War Two in school, and she was born in Germany, into a Jewish family. She told us what happened to her, how they were given the yellow star to wear to identify as Jewish in public.

And then she told us how they took her, and her mother away. They took them, and when talking about her – they didn’t refer to her as her, or as them, but it.

They saw them, the Jewish people, as objects.

They dehumanized them so they didn’t feel guilt or remorse toward the millions they tortured and the millions who were killed.

Looking back at history, we need to see the mistakes and stop it from happening.

But people aren’t looking back, they aren’t realizing, and they’ve stopped caring.

And you want to know what? If it continues the way it is, with a racist, homophobe, genderphobe, sexist, fascist in power of one of the biggest countries in the world – the holocaust will happen again.

And why? Because people aren’t responding. Just like in Germany, people were carted away: taken, tortured, raped, gassed, shot; and countries sat and watched. It didn’t become relevant to them until it started came to their doorstep, until they were the target.

The descent into the horrific pit has begun – whether we can stop it is up to us. I will always try, I always have; tried to stop discrimination, tried to keep people safe. But we can’t do it alone.