So, this is just a small update!

I’m, hopefully, getting my results tomorrow. But since having my blood test, I went shopping with my mother and decided to prepare myself by buying some Gluten and Lactose free items!

Milk and Cheese

As well as having Milk, Yoghurts, and Cheese I also bought gluten free, milk free, wheat free bread.

The Milk and Cheese both have the Lactase enzyme in them so my body can actually digest them. The Bread is made from Soya, as well as the Yoghurts.

So far, I have gone 24+ hours free from Gluten and Lactose, and people are starting to notice the differences – and so am I.

My body isn’t hurting, I’m not having migraines. I’m also calmer than I used to be.

My depression has calmed a little and my stomach has been soothed to an extent that there is no discomfort at all!

Milk and Yogurt

Whether I have Celiac Disease or not, I’ll have to find out what is wrong with me. Gluten and Lactose are not my friend.
For anyone who is Lactose intolerant and/or gluten intolerant/Celiac, I recommend Tesco (in the UK). Their prices are “more expensive” but you get more food for your money, which is cheaper in the long run! I’m happy to say that their bread is delicious, the yogurts are to die for, and I’m excited to try more of their Free From brand.

Note: We are not sponsored by Tesco, Lactofree, or Alpro. All my recommendations are due to me liking their products 🙂