Gender is something that is ever changing. Although, the gender spectrum has been around for a long time. There are still a lot people who don’t know and/or understand because either they don’t get explained well in media, or no one has explained it.

Here are twenty Gender Identities or Gender Expressions, it’s not the entire spectrum, but its a good starting point for beginners. So, let’s get to it!

  •  Agender: a person who has no connection the traditional system of gender, and no personal alignment with either men or women; they exist without gender. This is sometimes also referred to as Genderless, Gender Neutral, and Gender Neutrois.
  • Androgyny/Androgynous: this is a gender expression which includes elements of both masculinity and femininity. Although some identify solely as Androgynous, some use it only as a term of expression, meaning some people within Androgyny will identify as their assigned gender – BoyInABand is an example of this, in his song ‘you look like a girl’ (shown below) he refers to himself as an ‘a man that’s androgynous’. Gotta love, Dave.
  • Bigender: this is a gender in which people fluctuate between the ‘traditional’ woman and man gender-based behaviour and identities. However, these people may also be both at once on occasion. However, they may not be between woman and man, but they could be between Agender and man gender-based behaviour, or Agender and woman gender based behaviour.
  • Cisgender: this is someone who identifies with the assigned gender.
  • Demigender: usually someone who is a Demigender will identify as, but not exclusive to, Demiboy, Demigirl, Demiguy, or Demiqueer. This gender means you feel like one gender but not wholly. A Demigirl will feel like a girl but doesn’t identify completely with the gender.
  • Drag: Drag is often misinterpreted as a gender identity, but it is more of a gender expression. Drag is a theatrical performance of either Masculinity or Femininity. However, some Transsexuals, Transgender persons, and Non-Cisgender people have, and do, Drag in their everyday life. It’s not entirely their gender, but it is a part of their identity. Those who usually dress in Drag are quite flamboyant characters, RuPaul being an amazing example, here is my favourite song by them:
  • Femme: this is another gender expression, it describes someone who is feminine: in either mentality, physically, or emotionally.
  • Genderfluid: this is a gender identity that is a state of fluidity in gender. The best way of describing Genderfluidity is this way, a Genderfluid person can fluctuate between: Androgynous, Feminine, Masculine, and Genderless.
  • Genderflux: this is when a persons gender strengthens and falls over time. They will be genderless and Masculine/Feminine/Androgynous, for example. Their gender-based characteristics will get stronger or weaker over time, some days a Genderflux person may feel no gender at all.
  • Intergender: this is someone who is in between or a mix of both Masculine and Feminine, similar to those of Intersex even though they are not physically.
  • Intersex: this is someone who was born with a mixture of Male and Female characteristics, some are born with both sets of sexual organs and/or some have both Female and Male levels of Hormones. Formerly known as Hermaphrodites, this is now an outdated and derogatory term, which Intersex has replaced.
  • Non Binary and Genderqueer: Non Binary is an Umbrella term but also a gender identity. Both Non Binary and Genderqueer are genders which mean the person is not exclusively male or female, masculine or feminine, they may be neither or a mix.
  • Pangender: this is a gender identity that is difficult to explain because its someone who is more genders than the ones that are known. Similar to Genderfluid, these people fluctuate between different states of gender-based norms, but unlike Genderfluidity, they experience more forms of gender than others. Their gender is somewhat, if not entirely, infinite – just like the gender spectrum.
  • Queer: this is another umbrella term that is also used as a gender and sexual identity. Someone who is Queer in gender or sexuality. Some people use it as a way of naming their gender and sexuality as they don’t completely fit into the boxes of current/known genders and sexualities. I am one of these people, for a long time I thought I was a Demisexual Lesbian Genderfluid human, but now I identify solely as Queer because my sexuality and gender became more complex as I ‘found myself’. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with the same gender and sexuality issues as me – but I doubt I’m alone. So, for me: Queer is my thing. However, due to its history some people in the LGBT+ frown upon Queer. Which is understandable, but Mark Ashton taught me to own it (This is a quote from the film: Pride).
  • Transgender: this is someone who lives as a gender other than their assigned gender. However, it does not mean that they will transition and go through medical treatment to have their gender’s anatomical sex.
  • Transsexual: a person who identifies psychologically as a gender or sex other than that of which they were assigned at birth. Transsexuals often change their body through sex changes and using hormone to match their gender.
  • Trigender: this is similar to Bigender, but with a third option. Instead of fluctuating between masculine, feminine, and both, Trigender people will often fluctuate between, but not exclusive to, masculine, feminine, both, and genderless.
  • Two-Spirit: this is an umbrella term used by Native Americans, and other Tribes communities, to describe someone who possess qualities or fulfill roles of both binary, traditional genders.
  • X-Gender: this is someone who is often seen as Genderqueer, or Non Binary, this term for the gender identity took off in Japan.

And there we have it. Although that’s a lot of gender identities and expressions, that is just  the tip of the ice berg.

Did we miss any? And you’d like me to add in another ABC’s of gender? Shall I do an ABC’s of sexuality? Let me know in the comments below.

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