foodA lot of people have been sharing images with food and saying its the one thing that can’t betray you.

And today, I’m here to tell you – oh yeah, it fucking can!

I am a lover of cuisine – by that, I mean I like good food. No, I don’t eat fast foods, I generally avoid

But now, I have found that I can no longer each cheese.

Yup, my body is depriving me of one of my favourite foods!

I love dairy, whether its cheese, milk, cream, or ice cream. And now, being unable to eat or drink it without bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, and the not-so-glamorous diarrhea

And with certain foods including dairy – like my mum’s homemade Shepherd’s Pie, it’s slightly upsetting knowing that my favourite foods are inedible unless I want to be ill for the following 8-24 hours afterwards.

And although all of this is sounding like Lactose Intolerance, which I believe it probably is, my Doctor believes it could be something else too – which is slightly terrifying because if its something like IBS I won’t be able to eat spicy foods, which is my favourite kind of food! Chicken Curry, Chili, Red Thai Curry, Green Thai Curry… I love food, not masses of it because I can’t eat much due to my Bulimia (almost past tense!), but the quality and the taste…

no-gluten-bread-1905736_1280So, today I’m having a blood test – one thing I’m being tested for is Celiac disease, which is an autoimmune system disorder which causes the smaller intestine to damage itself due to the intake of gluten (which is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley). However, it could be IBS or/and possibly Crohns – all of which have been in my family and all are somewhat genetic.

Other things may be tested for, but Celiac is the main. If I have Celiac, that would explain my Lactose intolerance as its an condition ‘side effect’ of long term, untreated Celiac.

From my inability to eat without pain, I have found that the mass of the population – myself being one of them in the past – is wrong! Food can betray you!

I will update on food problems when something happens – maybe when I get the all clear (I’m really hoping for the all clear on Crohn’s and IBS, I need my spices). But, until next time, have a wonderful day!