Intuos Comic Creative Pen and Touch Tablet

As someone who is studying Art and Design, and wishes to do so digitally, I will always need a graphics tablet to be able to do this unless I purchase touchscreen, with pen, laptop – which will never happen due to the price.

So, searching the internet, I found this (shown above) tablet, which comes with software as a package – it’s also cheaper than other stores. And… I may have just gotten officially screwed.

Last night, I was sent both a text message and email indicating that my order had arrived in store. However, due to the phrasing of the message, one made it sound like I could pick it up today while the other made it sound as if I had to pick it up tomorrow. This is problematic for me because my current tablet has died – after three years it has finally packed in, and I need a new one urgently. So, I went on customer support only to be told that the store had made a mistake and that the order hasn’t come in.

Which makes it worse considering they told me it would be in, in four days… And today is the fourth day.

And, I didn’t think it could get any worse. But now, looking on the website, it seems like the tablet has risen in price from £69.99 to £74.99, and although it would make sense for them to give it to me at the reserved price – I don’t know whether or not to trust it considering this has happened before, where someone has reserved something at one price and ended up paying a different price when they got to the store.

What I’ve learnt from this is simple:

  1. Do not order it into a specific store: if your item is in another store nearby, but not the one you generally go to, go to that store anyway!
  2. Pay online: this way, even if the price goes up, you don’t have to pay it.
  3. Just get it delivered: It’s cheaper, easier, and quicker.

Stay safe while shopping, even the big stores can rip you off.