I recommend listening to this ^ while reading the article.

It’s remarkable how so many schools, and places of education and comfort, suggest that ‘teasing’ is a part of life, and it doesn’t become bullying until the victim takes it ‘too personally’.

Yes, schools victim shame – so an extreme extent. Some victims have reported being ‘helped’ by their school by being given items or ways to correct the ‘distraction’ instead of dealing with the bullies.

For me, I know it first hand. And it’s utterly ridiculous.

Instead of school having a ‘no tolerance’ for bullying, instead they have a ‘no tolerance’ to being different.

The No Tolerance Policy is one of the biggest lies that schools can tell you.

Does your child have a learning disorder?

Does your child act different compared to other children?

Does your child have a different fashion sense?

Or, if you’re a student and reading this, have you been any of the three above?

Well, if you are, of your child is any of those three, at some point you or the child has been bullied.

That whole No Tolerance bullshit, is just that. It’s bullshit. The way schools look at it, if a large group of people – which it almost always is – is bullying a single person, it’s easier to change the victim than it is to change the bullies. But then you have an extremely miserable victim who will most likely continue to be bullied because the bullies aren’t being dealt with.

So, no – the victims aren’t taking the Teasing too personally, you’re taking it too lightly.

Bullying can kill – no matter what anyone says – if you push someone, who is already stood on a cliff, they will fall, no matter how you push them.

Don’t take pleasure from someone else’s pain.

Be who you are, not what other people want you to be.