Hello everyone.

For those who don’t visit us often, my name is Castiel. I have been quite absent this year and there are reasons for it but I’ll keep those for my blog (I will put the link at the end for people who would like to read it).

Live Love Laugh Ranting has now been active for almost four years. We started helping, entertaining, talking, and advising people on matters such as Mental Health and Discrimination on January 31st 2013.

We released our first Butterfly Pride (formally Live, Love, Laugh) almost three years ago, on January 1st.

And we released our first Quick Fix almost two years ago, on May 15th.

This year we hosted our first official Gay Pride Week (August), and Mental Health Awareness Week (July) and they were incredible!

We also have another Art Competition coming up!

But this year has also been incredibly horrible for so many people. Between the Orlando shootings, Trump becoming President, the UK leaving the EU, and the Aleppo Genocide, so much death has happened this year and we are hoping that next year will be different.

So, for my ‘new years resolution’ at LLLRanting.com, I promise to be more active, write more, or if I can’t write – I will draw, play, or share – MORE!

We care about all of you, so much. We have seen, and talked to, so many of you and I have loved every interaction.

Let’s hope for a better year, a year of change, and a year we will never forget – for the better.

Take care everyone,


Castiel and the LLLRanting Family ♥


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