I love music!

And apparently your music taste is often influenced by your parents! Which I have found to be very true! But I have one problem:

If I got ABBA, David Bowie, Prince, and Muse from my Mum.

And I got Queen, AC/DC, and Rock music from my Dad…

Then where the f*ck did I get my like for classical music from?

I could have got it from my grandmother, on my mother’s side, due to the fact that she used to play the Violin which is why I started playing the Violin as well as the Piano, but I can’t remember her ever listening to classical music!

I can’t say I got it from any of my other grand parents due to not really knowing my grand parents on my father’s side and I never got to know my grandfather on my mother’s side…

So who did I get it from?

And to what extent I listen to classical music? ALL THE TIME!

I listen to it at college, in bed, in the car, when I’m writing or drawing, I’m even listening to it now!

And we can’t say I’m just obsessed with one artist or one album – why? Because I listen to Classical FM, which is a Radio station that plays anything from Instrumental, Classical, and Opera!

And I love it!

I’m curious to know why I love it so much, though.

I find it relaxing, and interesting, and fascinating, but it also gives me something to listen to in order to keep my mind busy so my subconscious will actually work!

Yeah, I do my best writing and drawing when I’m not focusing on what I’m actually working on. Unfortunately, listening to Pop/Rap/Metal/Rock music just makes my entire brain ignore what I’m supposed to be doing!

So, maybe, one day, I’ll understand why I love classical music so much.

What music is your favourite? Pop? Rap? Metal?

Leave a comment! I’d like to know 🙂

Take care,

Castiel  â™¥