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In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we start to think about our lives and why we should be thankful. Obviously, in America – Americans are (supposed to be) thankful for the help the Native Americans gave the pilgrims on arriving in the land which became the United States of America.

However, as a outsider (being British) looking in, all I can see is a lot of greedy people, enjoying food and forgetting the meaning behind the holiday… like they do with every holiday now… It seems that the origins have faded and been replaced by half price sales, big roast dinners, and arguments around the dinner table.

This week, most people have been focusing on Thanksgiving and it’s annoyed me because of what is currently happening at Standing Rock.

Why? Well, besides the fact that the entire protest is peaceful and the police are, as per usual, using police brutality – using rubber bullets (which hurt like hell!) and water canons, it seems like the police have taken it over the too far mark.

Using Rubber Bullets was too far. Using Water Canons was too far. Arresting and numbering people, instead of using their names, as if they were in a German Concentration camp was really too far. But they’ve gone a step fucking further. A lady, called Sophia Wilansky, who is currently fighting to save her arm and even her life after a police officer threw a grenade! Yes, you heard me right! They’re using fucking grenades on peaceful protesters and the law enforcement is lying about it!

It’s is wonderful when people in power lie to you about something that blatantly happened?

There were witnesses to the attack on Miss Wilansky, who is an Environmental Activist from New York. And considering her arm has basically been blown off, severely damaging and destroying her artery in her left arm, the nerves, bone, and the muscle surrounding it!

She could be losing her arm, and they’re still lying about using such a lethal weapon on a group of people that were just standing in their way.

And it’s not like she was protecting something bad, either. She, along with the Native Americans in the area, as well as others who are supporting Standing Rock, are protecting an area and a water supply from being destroyed! Can you blame them? Millions of people drink from the water that is currently in danger from contamination. Let me repeat that, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, IT WILL EFFECT MILLIONS. This isn’t just about Standing Rock, or Native Americans in the area, it’s about the wildlife, the people who drink from the water supply, and the knock on effect that having an oil pipeline will have to the area.

After all, it was only 23 days ago when a pipeline in Alabama exploded, killing one and injuring several others!

Yeah, because building a pipeline that could kill so many is such a great idea!

As you can see, I’m both annoyed and being rather sarcastic, but I’m mostly agitated that I can’t do much to stop what is happening due to being in the wrong part of the world.

Though, that’s not going to stop me from writing about the corruption.

I hope that some of you will finally understand why DAPL is a bad idea. As well as realising how corrupt the police force, handling the situation, is.

For those who understand the main reason for Thanksgiving, and for those who support the activists and protesters at Standing Rock – if you can do anything to help them, I recommend doing so! They need all the support and help they can get right now.


Have a great day everyone,

Castiel Gutierrez ♥


Information on Sophia Wilansky, her condition, and her father’s comment, click HERE.