I’ve spent the past week laid on my stomach awaiting for a day where I wasn’t in pain.

That time still hasn’t come but I am unable to stay off of college for more time.

I’m back. Back at college. Back in a creative mood. Back feeling as depressed as usual. Back in a really crappy way.

On the plus side, people might actually talk to me?

But can I really be that lucky?

I highly doubt it.

I want them to. I want to interact with them. I want to have friends.

But I’m no lucky, or normal enough to make friends.

I try, I fail.

The story of my life.

I missed my first exhibition.

Yup… I missed it. I didn’t get to put it up, or see the reaction people had to my work.

I got nothing from it.

I didn’t even get to see it.

I didn’t get pictures or evidence of it happening.

All that is left is seeing my name tag pinned up in an area that is now consumed by easels and drawing donkeys.


I don’t want to be back at college.

It scares me.