Hallowe’en is a time of year which I love.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask!

Because of costumes, decorations, and the amazingness behind Hallowe’en.

Hallowe’en originates from Celtic Paganism, and was created over 2000 years ago in The UK, Ireland, and Northern France. However, it wasn’t called Hallowe’en! It was called Samhain, which is pronounced Sow-in, it is a festival where a great feast tends to happen after sun down due to it being the Pagan Harvest. It was also an event which was dedicated to the deceased and the supernatural beings in our world, which is why people dress as Ghosts, Skeletons, and general monsters for trick or treating, which also has links to the Day of the Dead festival which is held in Mexico on November 1st and 2nd. There is a ‘Day of the Dead’ like festival in several other countries around the world, too, suggesting that we’re, Pagans, are not the only ones in the world who believe in the supernatural!

Most people forget about these roots of Hallowe’en due to the Christianization of the Festival. And it’s not uncommon!

For example, most people think Jesus was born on December 25th, but he was actually born in Fall, also known as Autumn. However, the 25th of December may have actually been the day Jesus was ‘conceived’. There is a lot of readings around it, and it is a very touchy subject because everyone thinks it belongs to one religion or another, and personally, I don’t really care! There are decorations for every religion when it comes to Christmas, so it is pretty even through out. It can be a Religious time or a general holiday for everyone to enjoy! It’s a great time either way!

Also, Christmas was actually a tradition in Paganism, it was called Yule, specifically the Celts and the Germans. And ya know that big fat dude we call Santa? Yeah, he wasn’t red until Coca Cola changed it. He was originally in a green suit, the same colour as the God he was based around – the green man.

Also, those Christmas tree hangings also come from Paganism, and they may seem sweet… But they were originally small animal sacrifices that they’d hang on the trees at the Winter Solstice…

Yeah, I bet they didn’t teach you that in Religious Education! XD


I will forever love Hallowe’en. Samhain is one of my favourite festivals of the year. Not only because of the scares and the foods, but also because of the history and truths behind it.

I understand, some of you may celebrate Hallowe’en as the Christianized version because of your religion, which I support, but don’t be ‘ignorant’ I suppose that is the word for this.

Just understand that there are more than just one origin, after all, we’re all allowed to celebrate it. It’s a ‘I understand your origin, you understand mine’ scenario!



Happy Halloween Everyone!





Also, my twins are ready for Hallowe’en! Here are their costumes and where to buy them:

Dracula Costume from Tesco
Bertie in his costume
Ghost Costume from Tesco
Phoebe in her costume