Bridge – to make a stucture over something to pass it.


WARNING: Strong language, talk of Depression, Self Harming, and Religion is in this article. I swear a f*cking lot. If you don’t like it, feel free to skip this article. Have a nice f*cking day 😉


We all need to build bridges sometimes, whether they are to get over a situation or to get over an emotion or whether it was to make friends.

I build these sorts of bridges all the time in order to keep myself relatively sane.

But for whatever reason, almost no one seems to want to build the ‘friendship’ bridge to me.

I try, to make friends, whether that’s by helping them, supporting them through difficult times or making them laugh.

And what do I get in return? Well, I’ve had these sorts of things said to me (shown below), and I will be answering them also but with a comedic, sarcastic nature! Enjoy;

  1. I can’t be friends with someone who is so fat.

  2. I don’t want to be friends with someone who is ignorant towards their biological gender.

  3. I don’t want to be friends with someone who worships Satan.

  4. I don’t like the fact that you’re a Pastel Goth.

  5. I don’t want to be friends with someone who has self harmed.

  6. I can’t be friends with someone who is so depressed.

Well fuck me. (Please remember that the following responses are comedic and sarcastic. Although, they are comebacks that I do use one people, I am not aiming them towards you, the reader, I’m doing it as if I’m having a conversation with the morons in question! Have a nice day)

  1. Yes, I am fat – and remarkably, that’s not my fault. Do you know what happens when you’re on constant medication? Do you know what happens when your metabolism is so low that even when eating a salad it feels like you’ve eat 9 cheese burgers? Probably not. So, you don’t want to be friends with me for that? Go ahead. I don’t fatshame, nor do I skinnyshame. I just don’t bodyshame in general, so why would I want to be friends with YOU after you’ve shown your true, bodyshaming, colours? BYE!!! ^.^
  2. How sweet! You think Gender is what we have sex with, awww bless! You really need to pick up a biology book and find that your genitalia is called SEX. There is a difference between the two, one is chemical based and the other is physical. I don’t want to be friends with you for being a dick! Bye! XD (For anyone who wants to have a little bit of an education on Genders, I wrote an article a couple weeks ago about such click HERE to check that out ^.^)
  3. I worship Satan? How? I’m Pagan not a Satanist! Don’t be a moron. I worship the Green Man, not the guy with horns. Go back to your RE class, you seem to have missed too many classes.
  4. So… You don’t like me because I wear black and pale colours…? And because I dye my hair black? Ermmm…. Okay? I don’t know what to say because last time I checked, most people wear black and most people wear pale colours. The only different is that I wear Hell Bunny dresses.. Pardon me! (I’m joking, don’t pardon me. There is a buton at the top of your screen, it’s an X, press it 😉 – Joking again ^.^)
  5. I did self harm, for many years, because of people like you! So, I don’t want to be friends with someone who thinks its okay to be a c*nt. I get it, they’re not attractive, but I’m not promoting it, you moron.
  6. You don’t like being friends with someone who’s depressed? Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot to hit the off switch on my Major Depressive Disorder, I apologise (Sarcasm). If you don’t like the fact that 1 in 4 people have a mental disorder, and Depression is a common one, you better just stop being friends because some of the people you are friends with probably have a mental disorder and I’m going to assume that you’re the type of person that thinks that you can catch it from people.


And that’s it! People these days, am I right? As you can see there is a fair amount of ignorance due to lack of education, whether its because of why I’m fat, my gender, my religion, and my mental health. The part about my dress sense, I don’t expect people to like it, but I also don’t expect people to dislike me, as a person, for it. After all, it is just clothing.

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing day!

I will be doing each daily prompt, but I’m going to do them a day later, in a sense of Monday’s Daily Prompt will go up on Tuesday, etc. The reason for it is so that I can get it written and uploaded and scheduled for the next day, just in case I don’t have time!

Yes, I am being organized!

Let’s just hope I don’t rant on too many occassions 😉

Nethertheless, have a nice day!

Take care,

Castiel ♥



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