Rearrange – to change the position of something, someone or a point of view.


Over the years I’ve provided a lot of advice and help to people who need it, specifically with their mental health or their sexual and/or gender identity, by doing so I have helped a fair few people.

And for me, that’s great! It makes me feel great knowing I could help!

But then, when it comes back to me, I’m basically useless.

I have helped people with similar issues that I have gone through/I am going through, and it’s awkward because I know what I should be doing in these situations but the advice I gave to others is impossible to put to myself due to being in the situation.

The reason it’s easy to give other people advice is because I’m outside of the situation looking in and understanding what could happen.

But, when I’m looking at my own situation, I can’t do that! Even when I take myself out of the picture, I still can’t remove myself from the situation enough to apply any of my own advice.

And it’s not just me. Over time, I’ve met hundreds of mental health doctors and workers and almost all of them have said the same thing:

When my mental health is bad, I’ve had to go and speak with a mental health worker or a counsellor in order to pick myself back up – even though I know how to handle the situation if it was someone else.

And that’s the problem some people have! And I’m one of them.

I see a counsellor on a weekly basis, unfortunately the amount of sessions I have left is numbered, meaning I will have to re-register soon. But honestly, going to get help doesn’t make me weaker – it isn’t a way of solving anything, it does help, but it only helps to make me learn how I can help myself.

It’s similar to medication – medication is NOT a Cure-All situation. Meds don’t work for everyone, meds don’t work for me but they work for my friend. Being on meds can help, but it helps you self-help more than anything.

Counselling and help groups are the same. They won’t cure you, they won’t solve all your problems but they will give you the support you need in order to help yourself.

And that’s what we do here. We offer you the support and welcome you into our family.

But what I need to say, what is really important, and the ‘moral’ to take from this – You’re Not Weaker For Needing Help. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

We’re not weaker. We’re not any less independent. We’re still strong. And I will always be here for you.

Take care everyone,

Cas ♥

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