Smoke – A visible supsension of carbon, or other particles, in the air; typically emitted from a substance burning or from the act of smoking.


Over a year ago a law in the UK was passed to stop people, who are over 18 years of age, smoking in cars with children (people under 18 years of age).

I agreed with the act, because with more than 430,000 children being exposed to second-hand smoke in family cars a week before the law was passed, something needed to happen.

However, something doesn’t hold steady with me.

I agree that a person over the age of 18 should be allowed to smoke, that is their right and their choice.

But why do we allow them to smoke inside buildings and near children?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a family, a mother, her daughter, and the mother’s mother (I’m assuming, I did hear the little girl call her granny), they were waiting to cross the street to get to the primary school across the road and something that really annoyed me is that both adults were smoking, and this tiny little girl was getting a face full of their smoke.

And what annoyed me even more was that when I looked across the road, to where they were heading, there were parents stood outside the primary school gates with cigerettes in one hand and holding their child’s hand with the other as they talked.

And that made me question whether these people smoke around their children a lot?

Like, do they smoke in the house with their kids with them?

Do they always smoke in front of their children? Or do they do the decent thing and go into their garden to smoke? Leave the house so they don’t get smoke going in?

I’m not one to stop people from smoking. I am perfectly fine with people smoking, and being around people who smoke because I have smoked in the past (By smoked, I mean I had a cig a week to calm my nerves during high school, it was never a permanent feature for me).

But, when you’re a parent and a smoker, wouldn’t your best interest be to keep the smoke away from your child? You know it’s unhealthy for you, you wish to smoke; but it’s also unhealthy for your child, so wouldn’t you want to keep it away from them?

So, here is my question: Do you smoke outside or inside when at home?

I understand that sometimes you may get wet when smoking outside due to the rain, but do you pursevere or do you go and smoke inside where your kids could inhale the smoke?

I’ve, personally, only seen one person smoke inside with children around. So, what are your thoughts on the matter?

Hope you’re having a nice day,

~Castiel ♥

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