Banned – something which is forbid.


In high school, I was bullied a lot due to my issues. Whether it was my mental health, my physical health, and my disablities.

One problem that I had on numerous occations was when I was self harming. I was doing it so often that I was showing ‘withdrawal’ symptoms, and because of this I had a lot of sightings of cuts and bruises, whether it be on my arms, legs or stomach.

I hid my scars, cuts and bruises well. However, the ones on my arms were problematic.

I couldn’t wear the school jumpers due to being sick, so I wore ‘arm warmers’ which covered my arms from my elbow to my wrists.

My teachers knew why I was wearing them, they understood. But it wasn’t until a teacher decided to tell a full class of students, while I wasn’t in the room, that I was wearing them to hide my self harming, that they were then banned.

Yes – a teacher told 30+ students that another student was self harming and wearing a piece of clothing to hide it.

My arm warmers were taken off of me in the first class of the following week because students were bullying me because of the reason of wearing them.

It was one of those moments when I wanted to scream… So I did. I screamed in the middle of class, got sent out, and then threatened with being put into a mental institution to be sectioned due to my self harm, suicidal, and mental health ‘tendancies’.

I lost the only thing that kept me somewhat safe from the prying eyes of the student body from seeing how fragile I was – and they weren’t banned because they didn’t comply.

They were banned because the school couldn’t be bothered to teach the other students not to bully someone because of a mental illness. They banned them because a teacher was both stupid enough and horrible enough to tell people, without my permission, about my mental health!

But how can I expect a school to stop the bullying when the teachers did it themself?

They weren’t banned from the entire school. They were banned from me.




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