I have suffered from mental health issues for over a decade.

And after 11 years, I have finally been officially diagnosed!

I’ve been suffering from Depression since the age of 7, Anxiety since the age of 8, Insomnia and PTSD since the age of 10, and OCD since the age of 13.

And within the past 18 months, they’ve all been diagnosed!

Depression got diagnosed, I was given pills which didn’t help.

Anxiety was diagnosed, I was given pills that sort of helped but made my Depression worse.

Insomnia and PTSD was diagnosed, I was given sleeping pills which caused side effects.

OCD was diagnosed, I was told that I do things a certain way, and that was it!

And now, after so long, I’ve decided to look into certain things.

For example, I am now doing my art project on ‘Word, Image, Sequence’ and I’ve decided to explore my Night Terrors, ‘rituals’, Depression, and Anxiety.

So far I’ve made single pieces but I’ve started going into comic strips.

So, I have a question – what shitty experience have you been through with your mental health?

For example. the two comics I’ve made:




So, what has been said to you?


I hope you’re all having a nice day.

Take care,