Deadnaming – this is a term used by trans and non-binary folk across the world. The term means “being called a name which is no longer yours,” in a nutshell.
For me, not many people on LLLRanting know my deadname – which is a bonus – but for those who do know it, calling me such ruins a part of me.
When someone deadnames me, it makes me feel as if I’ve been called an indecent word in an attempt to bully.

Deadnaming me makes me feel as if you’re calling me a bitch, cunt, ass, twat, and so on.

Being deadnamed is extremely unpleasant.

And there is no true excuse to deadname someone.

The most common excuse being:

I knew them before they changed.


They will always be [Insert Name Here] to me.


He (trans female) will always be my son.

It’s probably one of the shittest feelings to go through when you think you friends, family, and/or parents accept you, but deep down, one of those excuses below is in their head every time you correct them when calling you by your deadname.
If you don’t want to be called Fuckface for the rest of your life, why would I want to be called a name which:

  • I hate
  • Brings back bad memories
  • And makes me feel irrelevant, shit, and worthless.

Don’t deadname someone.

You never know how close to flipping the switch that person could be.