Hey everyone,

it is that time of year once again – we will be hosting our lovely Art Contest.

However, somethings have change.

  1. We will no longer be doing the DeviantArt contest – this is for several reasons, one of the main ones being it was too small of a range for what Art really is.
  2. It actually won’t be in 2016 at all! Last year we had people complaining that they didn’t have time to make a new piece of work, and they didn’t like their work and all that sort of thing. So, because we couldn’t announce this sooner, but we still want to give people more than a month’s notice to get something put together, prepped, and ready to go… The contest will actually be in 2017, the ending date being in February.

So, here are the requirements.

  • The creation must be of your doing: this means that you cannot steal it off of the internet, we will find out if you do because we do searches on these types of things.
  • If you are taking a photograph of your image it must be clear! It cannot be fuzzy, if we can’t verify that it is yours, we won’t be able to accept it.
  • It cannot support any form of discrimination – you can explore those topics, but don’t show support of them.
  • You must agree to us using your work as our front cover, or in the magazine, as part of your prize if you win. If you don’t accept, you don’t enter, and you don’t win.
  • All art MUST be handed in by 11:59pm (London, Dublin Time) on February 3rd 2017, if it’s handed in after that time, it will not be considered.
  • You MUST have a 100-500 word account of why you made your work, what it means (if it is Visual Communication Art) or how you made your work (whether its a drawing featuring Charcoal and White chalk on brown paper, or if its a photo made in a dark room but painted instead of just developed). You must also say your name, and maybe how to find more of your work, you can send us a link with this that we can just put at the bottom of the page.

And that’s it! It ends Friday 3rd February 2017. If you’d like to submit something please email us at LLLRanting@Gmail.com or message us on one of our social medias – go to our Contact Us page for links.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, message or email us.

Take care,

The LLLRanting Family ♥