We all go on holiday from time to time and it’s nice to get out of the country and experience new cultures. So, here are 5 countries ranging from “Don’t Fucking Go” to “Safe house”, starting with the Don’t goes 🙂

05. Foe – Saudi Arabia: if caught having intercourse within Saudi Arabia you could be sentenced to death. I wouldn’t advise going here, if you want to live.

04. Foe – Florida: although the state has no laws against the LGBT, it is known for being one of the most LGBT+ Hate Crime active states in the USA.

03. Foe…? – North Carolina: the state is known for being homophobic, transphobic, and discrimination.

02. Friendly – California: the state is the friendliest in the USA, it has banned Conversion Therapy for Minors, they have LGBT+ hate crime laws (to keep the LGBT+ safe) and also have safety laws for LGBT+ in employment.

01. Friendly – Scotland: named as one of the most friendliest LGBT+ countries in Europe! LGBT+ Hate Crime is against the law, same-sex marriage is legal, and it was listed as ‘the gayest country’ in the 1980s and it’s never changed!
Stay tuned for Day 4 of Pride Week!

Take Care 💝