I don’t use Facebook anymore. I have the Facebook Groups app and the Facebook Pages app so that I can keep everything in check as well as look for deals. But I don’t use normal Facebook. Why? Because I see posts like these (shown below), that make me want to leave the planet.

Warning: I got a little bitchy with some of these, probably because these people all have the ability improve their knowledge… but don’t because they think Facebook is more important. However, some of these are just issues with common sense… But still! Could be improved. So, warning: I’m a bitch~

He doesn’t seem to understand that Titanic was a film… Based on a true story. Clearly hasn’t realized that Jack isn’t dead, considering he’s everywhere!
Devin… Stop. You can’t even grammar! Yeah, you can spell, which means you graduated 2nd grade (year 3). However, you clearly failed 4th grade (year 5).
Out of everything this guy could have come back with… He chose to defend his goatee… Yup! Not the fact that he’s jobless, but he had to defend his pathetic facial hair.
Joey is smart! Derek is a fucking moron. Don’t want a kid? PUT SOMETHING ON THE END OF IT THEN! YOU CAN BUY A 10 PACK OF CONDOMS FROM HOME BARGAINS FOR A £1!
Joe… Joe…. Please….. Just…… Stop…….
It’s attached to Canada… How… Have you never looked at a world map before? Or have you just focused on the USA? Your Geography class failed you! Just like it failed the girl in my year group who didn’t know where the UK was and she thought Germany was part of Russia.
The sex of the child does not change your sex. You will always be an Aunt… A Stupid Aunt… The child is your nephew.
Patrik is a classic case of stupid. He clearly didn’t pass Maths…
Amazing… Sir, you seem to be the stupidest person ever! For two reasons: 1. you decided to ‘joke’ (what I call bully) people who have read the Great Gatsby  because they’re proud of themselves… WHEN YOU HAVEN’T EVEN READ IT! And 2. If you went to High School, and you were supposed to read it in High School, did you fail your class? I think you did.
The girl doesn’t understand how jobs work apparently. She’ll probably be on benefits for the rest of her life after losing this job. Why? Well, she accused the man of sexual harassment by calling him pervy; she also called him a Wanker, which is against work policy in 99.9% of jobs; and she doesn’t want to do her job. Good luck getting rehired sweetie!

And this is why I don’t go on Facebook anymore! I often go on, look for my notifications just in case people have read my twitter posts (which get posted to Facebook for me, thanks Twitter ^.^) and commented. But, I basically avoid it now because a lot of people that I saw on Facebook, especially on the Pages that I were following, suggested that the only things that mattered in the LGBT+ was Gay and Transgender… Which is a pile of shit.

Gay is important, Lesbian is important, Bisexual is important, Transgender is important, Pansexual is important, Gender Fluid is important, Demisexual is important, Bigender is important, Asexual is important, Intersex is important, Transsexual is important, Agender is important, Genderqueer is important, Queer is important, Questioning is important, Cisgender is important and Heterosexual is important.

There isn’t a better gender or better sexuality.

There is right and there is wrong. And like Patrik, some people just don’t seem to want to admit that they’re wrong.

I hope you’re all having a nice day!

Take care,

Cas ♥