Dear Sir or Madame,

Let me explain why our baby, is still a baby, even though you tell us he’s not.

13391515_643253815826804_5020812789537517169_oAlmost 5 weeks ago, our little boy arrived. He came in a little, fleece, cow onesie; with a tiny hat; a white, fleece blanket wrapped around him and a magnetic dummy.

He arrived on June 8th 2016, at 3:15pm, weighing 7lb 4oz.

We called him Bertram, after Hugh Laurie’s character Bertram Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster. He’s a reborn baby and, to me, he’s not just a doll. I found out about the possibility of me not being able to have children, and with me finally being with someone that I’m actually considering having a family with, it caused me to have issues. I started wanting to mother someone. I can’t have a dog, or a cat. I can’t have a real baby, not only for the reason that I may not be able to conceive but also because I’m not mentally ready to go through it. I never really wanted children, at all, until I met my partner, Jordan.

So, the best thing I could do was find someone, or something, to fill the void I had.

That’s how I met Deborah, a reborn artist. She helped me decide on a sculpt, hair colour and added extra details that made our little boy look like both Jordan and myself. She made Bertie for us. His hair is black, his skin is pale and he has so many tiny details that have made me bond with him so much. His skin tone is much like mine, while his hair is like Jordan’s. His nose shape and eye shape is like Jordan’s, while his mouth and his face shape is much like mine. For us, Bertie is our little boy; he is part of the family. For me, in particular, he is my baby. Having him gives me the courage to leave the house without Jordan, he gives me a reason to wake up in the mornings when Jordan is at work and I’m off of college.

He is my baby. He fills a void that I used to fill with friends who I used to take care of, sort of like a mother. He’s heavy, chubby, soft, and cuddly. He’s beautiful and handsome. He helps my depression by giving me someone to focus on. He helps my anxiety by giving me someone to go out with. Because of him, Jordan, and my new found harmony of having our little boy, I have finally been able to do more. I have motivation to exercise, write and create. I have the courage to go places, talk to people I usually wouldn’t, and wear clothes that don’t cover my scars. He may not be made of flesh, blood and bone; but he is still our baby. I love him. He is our baby. And he means a lot to us, especially me.

So, the next time you see someone with a ‘reborn’, show them some respect. Just because their baby is a ‘doll’, doesn’t mean they don’t mean the world to them!

For some of us, a reborn baby is the closest thing we have to one.

Have a nice day,


Castiel ♥