Depression Myth: It’s just a feeling, it is a mental block and can be overcome with medication. It can be cured with such.
Depression Reality: it is not just a feeling. It causes physical as well as mental issues. Medicine can help it but can also cause it to worsen. It CANNOT be cured, only handled.
Bulimia Myth: People with Bulimia are skinny, they’re doing it for attention, they have a choice throughout.

Bulimia Reality: People with Bulimia will only start to lose weight when their panic mode fat cells are being used. This is usually in ‘Stage 3’ after their choice of being Bulimic is no longer a choice.
Anxiety Myth: It’s just when people are nervous to talk on the phone, go out in public, and is caused by Anti-Social behaviour.

Anxiety Reality: It’s not a case of nerves, it is a fight or flight response where adrenalin is pumped through the body when the host gets scared, this leads to avoiding people due to the fear of having a panic attack. It does not mean they are Anti-Social.
Remember these when talking to people who may have one of these illnesses.

Have a nice day!