Just to refresh some peoples minds, things not to say to someone if:

1. they have Depression:

  • Lighten up!
  • It’s just in your head!
  • Some people have it worse!

2. they have Anxiety:

  • Everyone gets a little nervous sometimes!
  • Just walk it [panic attack] off!
  • You’re just being pathetic

3. they have OCD:

  • I have OCD, everything has to be straight.
  • You can’t be OCD, you’re so messy!
  • OCD isn’t an illness, its an ability! It means you’re organized and clean

4. they have Schizophrenia:

  • You’re a risk to peoples safety.
  • Are you on pills?
  • You’re just crazy!

5. they have Postnatal Depression:

  • You should be in there [nursery] looking after your child! Just do it!
  • You’re fine, it’s just in your head.
  • Don’t get help, they’ll take your baby away.

Please avoid these phrases. They can cause a world of hurt to someone suffering one of these illnesses.