Over the last couple of days, several things have happened.
One thing especially, the mass shooting in the Pulse bar, Orlando, Florida.
This has given me so many feelings, not just upset due to those who were killed, but anger due to the labelling of the crime.
People don’t seem to understand what this attack means.
The man who preformed the attack was a terrorist, yes. He was a Muslim, yes.
However, this doesn’t mean its just another Islamic extremist attack.
How often have we had an entire event for one group of people, where a mass was killed for who they were?
Boston Marathon killed a mix of people.
9/11 killed a mix of people.

This time, they specifically targetted a Gay Bar and they killed 50 people, and there are a further 50 injured and fighting for their lives.
This isn’t just another terrorist attack, this is an attack on the LGBT. However, the majore news outlets don’t want to talk about it like that because they want to keep their guns!
But what is really stupid was how easy it was for this terrorist, who was on the risk register, to get a gun!
I understand there is a high amount of blackmarket in America! However, the FBI interviewed this guy on 3 occasions… AND HE WAS STILL ABLE TO LEGALLY BUY A GUN!
You have NO gun control in America!
Gun control would make it harder for people to get guns, yes there is still a blackmarket, there are always blackmarkets but if you have gun control, you can save 90 people a day, just in America! 8/9 of those people being children!

America is now having to play catchup!
In the UK we got rid of guns, we now have gun control and we barely have a blackmarket, we haven’t had a mass shooting in years! Yes, we still have murders and killings, but no mass shootings.
If America wanted to protect themselves and their children, they’d do the same….
I guess we’ll see.

To all of those who were in Pulse, I hope you’re okay!
For those who have lost someone, and for those who lost their lives, I’m so sorry.
Now we have to hope that this tragedy will have something good come out of it.
Lets make the world a better place.